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Is Your Salesforce Partner a Bad Fit? Finding the right Salesforce partner is a challenge. As a Salesforce customer, there’s a good chance you can benefit from a good partner at some point in your process. From implementation services to integrations to Salesforce managed services, a […]
salesforce implementation guide in 15 steps
Salesforce Implementation Guide in 15 Steps This Salesforce implementation guide helps you understand the process that goes into our work as a certified Salesforce partner. After seeing all the press for Salesforce, are you ready to see how it transforms your business?  The difficult question is […]
leveraging salesforce lightning for customer service improvement
Leveraging Salesforce Lightning for Better Customer Service Leveraging Salesforce Lightning to improve your customer service experience helps set your business apart. When customers have issues with a company, service, or product, their experience with representatives sets a tone for your relationship. After a bad or turbulent […]
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Salesforce Sales Cloud: The Good and the Bad Wondering whether your sales team needs Salesforce Sales Cloud to improve lead conversion? Learn the pros and cons of Sales Cloud and book a call with The Nuage Groups Salesforce consultants to see whether it’s right for you! […]
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Salesforce Managed Services: Why to Use Them in 2021 Salesforce Managed Services is a great way for any business to overhaul its efficiency. Learn more about why your company should utilize our fractional administrative support in the post below.  Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic […]
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How Salesforce Can Help A Business Grow If you’re wondering how Salesforce can help a business grow, you’re likely taking a closer look at customer relationships. For any business, customer relationships are essential for growth. That means you need to manage them both efficiently and effectively. […]
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What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud? Should I Use It?  As your dedicated Salesforce experts, we are always here to help you understand Salesforce Sales Cloud and other platforms. When you partner with us, we strive to help you unlock the potential of your CRM to ensure […]
Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud - the nuage group - houston texas
Salesforce Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud Salesforce sales cloud vs service cloud… What’s the difference? When you sign up for Salesforce, the provide these two module options. Service Cloud allows for more focus on service and cases, helping companies sell a product or service. On the […]
salesforce project management success with The Nuage Group, Houston
Project Management Success When you use Salesforce for project management, you’ll find that the platform holds great potential for improving your teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. With proper utilization, you have the ability to unlock the potential of this customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Oftentimes, people don’t […]
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Small Businesses and a CRM Oftentimes, small businesses struggle with the idea of CRMs like Salesforce. They don’t always believe that they’re worth the time and money they require to operate. However, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms hold great potential for businesses of any size. They […]