The Economic Benefits of Salesforce For Your Business

There are currently over 150,000 Salesforce users worldwide.

This number has increased in recent years as more organizations have become aware of the benefits of Salesforce. It can help businesses streamline processes while increasing sales, and it continues to improve in terms of both functionality and capability.

So what is Salesforce, and why should your business be using it? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software solution used by organizations worldwide. It’s a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that helps with support, marketing, and sales. With it, your company can keep track of things like customer activity and market to customers. 

The use of cloud technology can allow your business to connect with customers, potential customers, and partners more easily. Overall your business can make more sales with Salesforce while streamlining business operations.

The Salesforce CRM platform can provide you with a range of metrics and data that you can use to make better business decisions. All of this information can be presented on an easy-to-read dashboard, making analysis much more simple.

You can implement personalized outreach using automation, allowing your sales team to work more effectively. Your customer services team will also be able to provide more help to customers. 

Salesforce Services

Salesforce offers three main services; SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

SaaS is the most common and allows you to directly use the Salesforce software. With PaaS, you have the framework and platform from which you can build your websites and apps. IaaS involves Salesforce development and isn’t widely used.

Benefits of Salesforce

So you may be wondering, “why use salesforce?”. Plenty of businesses operate without it, after all. While this is true, Salesforce has become one of the largest web-based platforms in the world. This is due to the Salesforce benefits that a business can take advantage of.


Compared to other CRM platforms, Salesforce is one of the most flexible. You can customize objects within Salesforce to meet the needs of your business or simply to better structure things for your own use. You don’t have to use set page layouts or processes, and being able to change things as you see fit makes Salesforce great for any business.

Time Management

Time management is crucial for any business, and Salesforce can help you improve this. It has built-in planning resources which you can combine with customer information. This means your employees won’t have to waste time searching through files and logs to find specific pieces of information.

By streamlining the sales funnel, you can better prioritize work. This will help turn more leads into paying customers. You can also use the calendar feature to help plan meetings, projects, calls, and more, making it easier for you to stay on schedule with everything.

Increased Revenue

One of the main advantages of Salesforce is increased revenue, which is the ultimate goal of almost any business. Salesforce makes organization incredibly simple, which can save a lot of man-hours.

Your employees can therefore focus more on building relationships with customers and generating results. By improving processes and reducing the amount of administration work needed, your business can easily make more money with Salesforce.

Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce will help you to understand the needs of your customers better while building relationships. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction, as you can get a better insight into what you should be doing for your customers. As mentioned above, your employees will be able to focus on building relationships that help you to gain new customers and retain existing ones.

This will be possible as you have all of your customers’ information in one place, and it’s easy to work with. You can find details like purchase history, accounts, preferences, and other information with ease. When customers are happy with your business, they’re also more likely to become ambassadors who will recommend your business to others.

Simple Account Planning

Planning things out for customers can be hard work, but Salesforce streamlines this by providing all the information you need in one location. You can place all info into the relevant accounts, then use it to create plans within those accounts to meet the needs of individual customers.

This helps you stay organized and provides each customer with a personal experience. Overall, your ability to give each customer what they need in a timely fashion will improve.

Trusted Reporting

As a business grows, it will start to take on more data, and Salesforce will help prevent you from being overwhelmed. You can keep all data well organized so that any reports you create will be accurate and reliable.

With Salesforce, you can keep track of data from a range of sources such as:

  • Website analytics
  • Social media
  • Business software
  • App information

Salesforce can take all of this data, analyze it, sort it, and present it in an actionable format. You can trust that all of this information will be trustworthy and accurate.

Improved Team Collaboration

As a cloud-based system, you can allow people with permission to access the information and apps they need from anywhere. Different team members can use it to communicate, making it easier for them to collaborate on projects.

As your employees can communicate more easily, everyone will stay on the same page. You can resolve issues faster and increase productivity overall.

Should Your Business Be Using Salesforce?

The various benefits of Salesforce can provide your business with a sizable advantage over your competitors. It will help you stay organized, increase sales, improve customer relationships, and generate more profits.

Nuage Group provides Salesforce managed services, so not only can we provide all of the advantages above, but we can handle your entire Salesforce system. If you want to know more about how we can help your business, click here to schedule a call today.


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