Salesforce Support from Certified Experts

At The Nuage Group, we offer maintenance and support services that help companies improve their productivity and efficiency. In doing so, we improve the return on investment (ROI) for your organization.

Salesforce Support

salesforce support

As a certified Salesforce Partner and consultants, we understand the importance of your investment. When you select a CRM, it’s a major investment for your business and can be an overwhelming addition to your administrators’ duties.

When you want reliable, cost-effective Salesforce support, you need a partner. Beyond expertise and skill, unlocking the potential of Salesforce requires a partner who understands your business processes – as Certified Salesforce consultants.

Thorough Salesforce support requires extensive knowledge and skills. From administrative work to integration and development, this platform is not a one-person job. When we partner with an organization, we provide access to a team of experts with diverse skills and knowledge.

As a team, we provide consultations and project management as well as Salesforce managed services. Through these broad offerings, we help our clients build a strategy and implement it. As we do, they gain access to improved business processes, structured data files, and efficient workflows.

Our Salesforce Support Services

Your business needs to focus on its work. When Salesforce administration tasks pile on top of your team’s work, it draws them away from their core focus. As your certified Salesforce partner, we provide monitoring services that ensure your Salesforce org follows best practices. Additionally, we work to identify issues and make improvements to your systems. 

We have a few core support services outlined here that will help you identify what’s the best fit for your business in hiring Salesforce Consultants.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

What do you do if your Salesforce Admin employee gets sick or leaves? We eliminate those worries entirely, thanks to our team-based infrastructure. You can rest easy knowing that our zero downtime staffing ensures smooth operation, 24/7 with our Managed Services agreements. Our teams are led by dedicated, highly experienced consultants that help improve and streamline your business operations, as well as provide functional and technical support of your Salesforce Solutions & Investment through a predictable retainer program.

With regular maintenance and data management with routine weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks – we ensure your business processes stay clean and functional. With a Managed Services Provider annual contract, we’ll take care of your Salesforce org like it’s our own. This provides consistent administrative improvements to your ROI with a Salesforce org that’s healthy and well-maintained.

Customized Development

At The Nuage Group, our team of Salesforce experts has a broad range of skills. Among them is a combination of development skills within Salesforce. Our developers know when to innovate and when not to reinvent the wheel. As such, we provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Whether these are specific apps or customizations, we find efficient ways to unlock the full potential of your CRM. Moreover, we know how to implement established Salesforce features to improve productivity.

On Demand Support

With Nuage Group’s On Demand support service, you can submit a help or support ticket only when you need it. 

We recognize that not all companies want to or have the need to have a MSP contract with us, so we want to offer flexibility to request help only when you need it. Help desk services by our team ensure we’ll see your request and prioritize the request alongside our other clients. 

Outsourced Salesforce Consulting

Why use Nuage Group for Salesforce support?

You have access to a team of people with a variety of technical skill sets across industries and businesses. 

With our support model for Salesforce, we offer the level of access you need on a flexible basis.


We commit ourselves to continuous improvement and quality for our clients. Our team strives for superior performance across all aspects of your business operations.


With Certified Salesforce staff we know how to deliver high-quality results. With experience , we understand how to identify less visible challenges and address them head-on.


With our variety of support models, we provide you with regular maintenance. Additionally, when you face challenges, we provide solutions when and where you need support.


Flexibility is a key aspect of cost-effective support. When your needs change, we work with you in a flexible manner.

Our Salesforce Support Options

We’ve been in this business long enough to know that flexibility is important for our clients, but also structured support options to make it easy for you to decide what’s right for your Salesforce support needs.


Managed Services Provider means your guaranteed SLA’s for support with a predictable amount of baseline monthly hours that you help outline with us.

On – Demand

Maybe your organization has Salesforce under control, until the once in a blue-moon time comes when you need some help!
We have this as an option for you, to be your on demand support consultants.