Salesforce Implementation Services

With Salesforce implementation services from certified Salesforce consultants, we provide a customized strategy to improve your processes and workflows. Oftentimes, our clients see an acceleration in lead generation, sales, and service satisfaction.

What Our Salesforce Implementation Services Include

Our Salesforce experts make the CRM work for you. This means we provide a personalized plan to implement the module of your choice. In doing so, we accelerate the productivity of your teams through data centralization and optimized workflows.

Personalized User Interface

New user training

Salesforce administrator training

Form development and validation

Business process automation

Customized code, apps, and integrations

Standard object configurations

Customized object configurations

Data modeling and management

Security modeling

Are You a Fit for Our Salesforce
Implementation Consultants?

It’s easy for a platform such as Salesforce to feel overwhelming. With our Salesforce implementation consultants, we provide you with the team you need to map out the process and work alongside your organization. Whether you want to launch for the first time or need to re-launch the CRM, our Salesforce experts implement plans and services to improve functionality and usability. Not sure whether it’s the right fit for you? Book a call with our team! Our initial consultations are no-obligation calls to help us understand how we might help your business.

Implementation for Any Stage

As your Salesforce implementation partners, we work to understand your business. We work across industries with organizations of all sizes, at all stages.

New Implementation

When you want to launch Salesforce for the first time, we guide you through every step of the process.

Re-engineering Salesforce

Transform your existing use of the Salesforce platform as we re-engineer and optimize your business processes.

Salesforce Recovery

Attain a higher return on investment (ROI) as we increase usability, functionality, and user adoption across your teams.

Ready to Partner with Our Salesforce Consultants?

When you partner with The Nuage Group, our consultants work closely with your executives and users. After a deep dive into your business, we strive to provide personalized strategies to our clients.

Understand your goals, challenges, and operations

Identify unknown challenges and issues

Refine obvious and hidden business processes

Define the requirements of Salesforce across your organization

Provide clear estimates and timelines

Maintain communication throughout the implementation

Deliver on-time and on-budget

Flexibility Through Salesforce Implementation Services

When you work with our Salesforce implementation consultants, we begin with discovery sessions. This is an essential aspect of your strategy because we understand your business, teams, goals, and needs. Moreover, we gain an understanding of unknown challenges.

As we work with your teams, we encourage them to test the implementation and provide feedback. Salesforce is only powerful when it’s functional and user-friendly. While we strive to get this right the first time, there is always room for improvement.

After testing, we correct and optimize the functionality. With fine-tuning and quick updates, we provide an improvement stage that furthers the optimization of your CRM.

Scalable Solutions: Salesforce Implementation Partners for Growing Businesses

Our partners trust us to help them get the most out of any and all Salesforce products. No matter what your business uses, we can help you customize it to your needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Increase your lead generation while improving communication with both prospects and customers. With improved data management, you gain key insights into the pipeline and forecasting all in one platform.

With proper implementation, you gain increased revenue. Sales Cloud offers you the flexibility necessary to improve your sales processes. Moreover, you develop a more informed view of your business’s growth.

Analytics Cloud

Unlock the insight you need to improve sales and service when you use Analytics Cloud. Centralize your data so that your teams consolidate, share, and collaborate even as they work remotely. This platform allows you to create tasks and update records in order to drive productivity.

With this module, you provide your teams with a real-time view of insights through reports and personalized dashboards. Additionally, you can connect data from other modules to securely and easily check on the health of your business.

Community Cloud

As a business, you have a wealth of knowledge about your customers. However, you need to leverage it to your advantage. Through Community Cloud, you drive engagement with customers and referral sources. Moreover, the portals are customizable and branded to your business.

Community Cloud connects your business to the people you want to cultivate. In doing so, you bring them closer to your business. This is essential because an engaged customer is a loyal customer.

Service Cloud

Provide a higher level of customer service in a more efficient manner. Through the Service Cloud module, you automate case management and streamline the support journey. By creating channels for your customers, you efficiently handle issues. In turn, you improve customer satisfaction.

With this platform, you listen to customers and respond across social platforms. This allows for improved service with reduced operating costs. Moreover, you can combine this data with other modules for a comprehensive view of every customer.

Why Use Our Salesforce Implementation Services?

Quality Service +
On-Time Delivery

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we commit ourselves to quality solutions and timely deliveries. Through our Salesforce implementation services, we strive to provide superior service for our partners.

Experience + Expertise

When you work with our Salesforce implementation consultants, you gain access to a diverse team of experts. We maintain a team of seasoned, qualified professionals with a broad spectrum of skill sets.


We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer our clients as a Salesforce Implementation Partner. Moreover, we offer customized services through our fractional support model.

Fractional Support Model

At The Nuage Group, we provide service when and where you need it through Salesforce Managed Services. With fractional support, we offer high-quality service in a cost-effective manner.

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Salesforce has the power to increase your revenue by 25% or more. With our Salesforce implementation services, gain the insight and functionality you need in order to grow.

Don’t hesitate. Schedule a consultation with our team today. See how our Salesforce experts can improve your revenue and help you meet your goals.