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Nuage Group is proud to be among the Certified Salesforce Consulting Partners that have undergone the comprehensive verification & credentialing process to be officially recognized by Salesforce. This allows our clients to feel confident, knowing we’re experts in providing value and knowledge, that will benefit our clients from custom projects to monthly Managed Service support.  

Registered salesforce partner

We empower your business with the latest Salesforce technologies and best practices as vetted consultants, but we’re really good at a few different areas within the Salesforce ecosystem: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Nonprofit Success Path. 

We segment our internal teams by Industry so that our staff get really great at their different specialty verticals they work with alongside for our clients. From there we have an internal ticketing system for clients to send a quick email to ask for support, big or small, which we monitor closely to assign the support tickets to meet our SLA’s. Then we’ll decipher the request and communicate to you along the way until we reach resolution and keep our clients happy!

We regularly share the amount of hours, types of issues, and any concerns at regular meetings with the client to ensure clear communication with the relevant stakeholders.  

Managed services provider
Consulting Partner since 2015

Certified Consulting and MSP Salesforce Partner

According to Salesforce,
91% of customers rely on partner apps and experts on AppExchange to innovate fast, increase productivity and drive efficient growth.”

You can find Nuage Group on the Salesforce  AppExchange today.

Salesforce consulting and integration partners as well as digital agencies drive meaningful results fast by managing the development, coding, configuration, user training, and integration of Salesforce products within your operating systems.

partners bring industry expertise and can help you and your employees configure Salesforce according to your unique business needs.
It’s no surprise that these experts are in demand!

More than 170,000 certified individuals are ready to bring you strategic guidance and the very best technical skill sets.

Source: Salesforce
Who are Salesforce Partners“) 

What exactly are
“Managed Services”?

MSP Partners offer support to companies who are in need of on-going Salesforce-related support services after an implementation has been completed. 
As of 2023, Nuage Group is accepted as an official Partner in the pilot Salesforce MSP Partner program!
*Definition from Salesforce Partner Community “
Definition of Managed Services


Remote Administration
User/Salesforce Org Management
System Administration
Object Maintenance

Support Services

Tier 1 Support
First Line Support

Release & Change

Change Management
Feature Activation
Continuous Improvement

Developer & Integration

Custom Development/Apex
Integration with Managed Packages
Integration Monitoring

Analytical Services

Reports & Dashboards
Data Analytics
Custom Reporting

AppExchange App Management

App Installations
App Maintenance

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Having been a Consulting partner since 2015 we know that experience matters. Here are some of the categories we can bring value for your business and Salesforce investment:











Naturally, we strive to keep up with the latest Salesforce product development, future roadmaps, and technology that allow us to bring the best practices to our clients and help them get the most out ROI out of their investment.
We hope you contact us to learn more!