Salesforce Project Delivery

Salesforce project delivery for projects of any size or shape

Implementation firms are great at getting you started. However, once you go live and your staff logs into the system, what happens? 

That’s when our Project Delivery team steps in. 

Complex customer engagement requires considerate project management. Our Salesforce project management team helps you achieve consistent brand communication that forms better customer experiences. From marketing and sales to customer service, our team helps your teams perform better. 

When you start to use Salesforce, our team has the experience you need. With experience across the multitude of Salesforce products and components, our unique resource model leverages qualified specialists. Our delivery team knows how to deliver the specific project management support you need.

Salesforce and Your Business

When someone talks about tissue, you likely think about Kleenex. Should you scrape your knee, you don’t ask for a bandage. You ask for a Band-aid. When businesses look for a CRM, the first to come to mind is Salesforce. 

However, many companies don’t leverage all the tools that this CRM solution provides. With the help of our Salesforce project delivery team, you can do far more than manage your contacts. Let us help you unlock the potential of this platform to ensure you optimize your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

Consistency is key for your customers, and our Salesforce team helps you craft customer stories by ensuring your customer-facing teams are effective. Whether onboarding new customers or providing support, effective project management ensures your customers get what they need precisely when they need it. 

Salesforce Project Delivery:
When and Where You Need It 

Our team specializes in all aspects of the Salesforce platform, offering assessment, customization, maintenance, and development. Beyond integrating Salesforce into your current environment, we make enhancements to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform. 

We start with a current state analysis of your business, clearly defining project deliverables. Then, we assign the necessary resources and project lead to keep your effort on track. Next, we assign a PMD, who leverages their extensive experience in project management. Your PM then defines and follows the best-practice processes, depending on the size and impact of your project scope.

Salesforce Project Management

At The Nuage Group, we understand how vital integration and collaboration are for the success of modern businesses. That’s part of why Salesforce is now the #1 cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses. 

This platform allows you to remain close to your customer by providing all the information you need to everyone on your team who needs it. However, customization and personalization are what truly set that platform apart. That’s where our Salesforce project delivery team can help. 

We leverage our team’s diverse skillset to build bespoke solutions within Salesforce that meet your specific needs. Whether you need to integrate legacy systems or ensure the successful transfer and maintenance of client data, we deliver Salesforce solutions tailored to your situation.  We have a Project Manager assigned to the client’s project to ensure it’s making the necessary milestone progress, while maintaining SoW deliverables, and ensuring success for the client’s satisfaction.

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

We provide your team with a unique, in-house Salesforce community to enable real-time communication and collaboration. Stay current with project updates and cycle information as well as a dedicated space to engage with our team. 

Designed to boost productivity, your team can organize around projects and provide updates, make requests, and offer feedback. Our team will help you organize groups within the solution to ensure productive dialogues don’t sidetrack other teams. 

In addition to cross-department collaboration, our Salesforce project delivery team helps you unlock the potential within departments as well. For instance, your marketing team benefits from the data gathered across customer interactions. Beyond tracking their own time and expenses, they have access to valuable data that informs stronger decisions on their target audience and outreach.