One Team, One System

Specialized Salesforce solution for Healthcare Staffing (Locum Tenens)

Software built for your ATS needs

Locum Tenens – fulfilling the needs of today’s Healthcare systems 

Complex healthcare staffing requires niche technology that really doesn’t quite exist – until now.

We’ve been working with Salesforce long enough, plus seeing firsthand the pain points many clients in the Healthcare Industry have had, trying to make their managed packages work to fit their needs. 
So we decided to innovate and create this All-in-1 system that is meant just for your industry.

Healthcare Staffing companies, meet Assist, our proprietary software to meet the needs of your dynamic business!

Our proprietary software solution helps you achieve a seamless end-to-end software that incorporates all of the Applicant Tracking System solutions that are needed for your business to perform efficiently and smoothly. We understand the complexities around your daily operations, because we’ve been working with clients in this area for years, so we get the dynamics among agencies, providers, and the end client hospitals.

We understand that the key components may differ from company to company, which is why we let you select the components that you need. From marketing and sales to scheduling shifts and incorporating finance, our Salesforce solution helps your functional departments perform better. 

ATS Possibilities to Prepare for your Staffing Success

With our proprietary system (Assist) suited specifically to the Healthcare Industry, we’re building a software solution that fits your needs and continually evolving it. 

For too long, you’ve been trying to work with outdated systems, spreadsheets, and disconnected teams, our solution is customized for you to select the critical components to your industry. 

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Credentialing
  • Expense Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Job Orders
  • Provider Scheduling
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Timesheet Entry & Approval
  • Travel
All-in-1 Salesforce solution for the locum tenens industry

The core functionality may be right here – in the Applicant Tracking System functionality. ATS will facilitate the processing for available jobs, finding suitable candidates, and vetting them during the application process for the specific job needs. This allows visibility to the recruiters and teams working on this critical piece at the heart of your business. 

The credentialing component allows staffing agencies to track the qualifications of their healthcare professionals. Resumes, credential management, different state licenses, background checks, and more are held within this portion of the system. 

Your Accounting and Finance teams will be happy to have an integrated program (less spreadsheets and emails) that seamlessly track provider expenses in this software.  Different expense categories and allowable or billable expenses are built in here. 

All of the data that is encompassed within this software allows for fluid processing and timely notifications for Accounting & Finance teams to prepare invoices and payroll seamlessly.

The Job Order portion of this program is at the heart of placing people into the open jobs at the right time. Specific positions across the different medical specialties and sub-specialties is built into the system and management of the appropriate candidates has never been easier! 

Scheduling is at the heart of your healthcare staffing industry – you filling the critical job openings across the country. Our scheduling component manages schedules, shift coverage, overtime, on-call availability – and more.
Plus, last minute-scheduling changes are also accounted for in our set up.

With all of these components working together to power your business operations, we provide reports with live data for you to make better business decisions and understand trends.  Dashboards allow for high-level viewing of multiple key metrics to show you the critical points, which can be modified for different departments and stakeholders.

Providers have access to a live Timesheet system which we tailor to your company, complete with shift types and easy timesheet submission. This in turn feeds into the client Timesheet approver component with notifications upon submission and further invoicing.  

Travel-related processing for providers, including their reimbursements and record-keeping are also a customizable component.

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

We know your clients are the providers you source and place into healthcare systems, and we strive to make their experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. We provide an intuitive portal ( yes – it’s available on mobile) for them to access for the relevant things that are important to them, like entering their shift time and type for payroll or credential documentations.  

Our All-in-1 Assist system will allow you to scale your locum tenens business, but also adapt to the changing market conditions and requirements in this highly-regulated industry. 

It’s not too good to be true, there is no catch – we’ve just created a proprietary system to meet the needs of your healthcare staffing industry! 

More Details coming in 2023!