Our Managed Services offering is perfect for any business that has implemented Salesforce and requires administration and development support on a day-to-day basis.

Why Choose Managed Services?

It is not always cost effective to hire full-time Salesforce administrator(s) for several reasons:

– The salary expectations of experienced, certified salesforce administrators is significantly higher than most comparable IT positions.

– In most cases, the volume of support work does not justify a full time administrator.

– A single administrator will have a limited skill set, which may necessitate using consultants or other costly resources.

We make Salesforce work for you.

We overcome these obstacles by:

– Providing a pool of experts that are certified and experienced in all aspects of Salesforce

– Giving you 24/7 support! You never have to worry about staffing and managing ‘on call’ schedules

– Handling all of your production support issues and service requests as needed, so that you only pay for what you use

– Monitoring your system and handling all of the housekeeping needs, such as Salesforce upgrades, license management, storage, etc.

– Allotting a block of monthly hours to be used for any type of support or service request

Salesforce Managed Services: Fractional Support Where and When You Need It

When you rely exclusively on an on-site administrator to handle your Salesforce needs, you likely don’t utilize all the tools and knowledge available to bring your service costs down. Moreover, you likely do not resolve technical issues as quickly as is possible.While an experienced, capable on-site Salesforce administrator plays a key role in your solutions, but their limited skill set in turn limits your ability to optimize the platform for your business.With our managed IT services, we handle routine tasks faster, more reliably, and for less. As a managed service provider, our team of experienced, certified Salesforce administrators helps you manage the platform so that it works seamlessly with your business.

Are Managed Services Right for You?

Here are three signs that the fractional support provided by our Salesforce managed services solution is a good fit for your business.Our team of Salesforce administrators is too lean. We need access to someone with broader skills from data specialists and developers to marketing automation specialists and integration experts. Our team would benefit from a partner who provides a vast array of skills when we need them.I have a list of tasks that need doing, but my team is stretched too thin. We need help to roll out a new department and handle some iterative aspects of the project.My business uses Salesforce. However, we need advice on best practices and help to understand the updates. Moreover, we could benefit from expert insight into how others in our industry use Salesforce to bring ideas to life.When you need Salesforce partners who understand your business goals, Nuage Group’s team of highly skilled experts is ready to optimize the platform on your behalf. Book a call today to see how our team can optimize your Salesforce function to improve the efficiency of your business process.

Salesforce Support You Can Count On

Optimized Salesforce implementation can do wonders for the efficiency of your business. Whether you need fractional support or regular salesforce consulting, our team of experts offers your business a broad range of skills to bring your ideas to life.Contact us today for a consultation and see how our Salesforce experience will improve your operation.

Salesforce Optimization

With Salesforce managed services, we handle the technical debt you accrue when you’ve had Salesforce for years. Merging new functionality and managing data, we bring harmony to your business processes.

Strategic Planning

From goal setting to reviews of your business processes, we take on the serious business of mapping our your Salesforce structure. Call on us to create a roadmap towards long-term value realization.

Ongoing Optimization

Your processes evolve, and so should your use of the platform. With Salesforce managed services, we oversee continuous delivery and streamline operations to provide transparency and clarity.

Access to Salesforce Experts

Your IT specialist is great, but no one person has all the skills it takes to unlock the potential of Salesforce. With our fractional support, you gain access Salesforce experts and industry specialists.

Integration Updates and Support

With real-time synchronization available, you never have to wait on updates. Let our team help you monitor, troubleshoot, and customize integrations. When you work with us, we strive to keep you efficient.

Salesforce Org Enhancments

We are here to help tailor your salesforce org to meet your individual business needs. This includes designing custom page layouts, implementing business process flows, creating custom fields and formulas, and leveraging all of the standard salesforce capabilities to optimize your effectiveness and productivity.

Production Support

Keeping your salesforce org up and running smoothly is important to your business and is our job number 1. Every minute that a business-critical activity cannot be completed has a direct impact on your bottom line. We create an individual service plan specifically tailored to match the needs of your business and have the experienced staff on hand to ensure seamless operations.

Marketing automation

Design and craft the ideal journey for potential and current customers. Our automation experts help you establish a smooth flow for your processes to guide your clients from discovery to conversion.

Your Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Salesforce has grown beyond the reach of one person. Oftentimes, IT admins feel overstretched trying to manage and maintain the platform on their own. Today, it takes multiple skill sets to get personalized solutions that provide peak efficiency.

That skill set stretches across a broad spectrum of abilities – from complex configuration and custom development to integrations of other systems. Additionally, you might need to consider specializing around your industry or enterprise architecture, perhaps even adherence to compliance codes.

With our Salesforce managed services, you gain access to a robust team with an ever-growing, increasingly diverse array of skill sets. Oftentimes, staff augmentation leads to missing a gap you didn’t know you had. When you bring on our team of Salesforce experts, we provide cross-functional expertise that helps you identify, establish, and implement solutions. This means your CRM better serves your company in the long-run while allowing teams to deliver tangible ROI on your investment in Salesforce.

At The Nuage Group, we structure our services that allow us to work alongside your team in order to deliver consistent improvements to your efficiency, value, and growth. We strive to balance our team so that they share an array of skills with our clients. With Salesforce Managed Services, you gain access to a team with a diversity of experience to be used as fractional support where and when you need it. From consultation and solution design to subject matter expertise, no single role allows for the flexibility and efficiency that managed services provide.

Call us today to see how our team can foster and develop a long-term partnership with your organization. Working with you, we define challenges and deliver continued innovation to positively impact your business.