Certified Salesforce Consultants

salesforce consultants

The Nuage Group provides Salesforce consulting services to companies nationwide. Through our CRM services, we help organizations implement CRMs such as Salesforce in addition to providing support that benefits sales, customer service, and marketing teams. With ample experience as CRM consultants, we improve the efficiency and workflow for businesses across an array of industries. 

Whether you specialize in finance and banking, retail services, IT, healthcare, or manufacturing, any industry can benefit from a platform like Salesforce. 

Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce

At The Nuage Group, our Salesforce consultants understand the intricacies of the platform and how it helps your teams optimize the acquisition, conversion, and retention of customers across departments. Throughout the consulting process, we work to improve the efficiency of your teams by implementing customized dashboards and applications so that each department has exactly what they need at their fingertips. 

What’s Included in Salesforce Consulting Services?

When you want to implement Salesforce throughout your business, we provide the comprehensive consulting services you need to ensure it’s done right. 

 Define Your Business Objectives

Do you need to enable reports that increase visibility? Are you trying to reduce the time it takes to resolve customer issues? Do you want to execute more efficient marketing campaigns or automate certain processes? Through Salesforce consulting, we address the challenges of your business processes and help to establish a smooth workflow. 

Make Salesforce Work For You

Once we understand your business goals, we strive to find the perfect solutions in your platform. Whether they are default systems, separate applications, or customized functionality, we work to ensure that the platform meets your needs so that you achieve your goals. 

Finding the Right Edition

As your Salesforce consultants, it’s our job to help you find the right edition to address the challenges your business faces without wasting your money on unnecessary features. Through an analysis of your requirements, we suggest the edition most suitable for your operation. 

Establish Processes

Our team of consultants works to design processes in Salesforce Clouds that work for your sales, marketing, and customer service departments. For example, the automation of sales and customer service workflows helps those departments keep their focus where it needs to be while ensuring they have everything they need. 

Additionally, we might craft personalized customer journeys or help you implement targeted advertising campaigns. In doing so, we help you reach your business goals through an optimized platform.

User Adoption Strategy

By developing a user adoption strategy, we help your employees become masters of the new system. Whether it requires timely support from our Salesforce managed services team or comprehensive user training, we strive to ensure your teams have the knowledge they need to feel comfortable with their workflow. 

Types of Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Implementation Consulting

To ensure proper implementation, we analyze your needs and offer a strategy to implement Salesforce across your departments. 

Salesforce Optimization Consulting

Through proper optimization, we assess your solution and provide a comprehensive integration and customization strategy that enhances your company’s utilization of the platform. In doing so, we improve your operations to promote customer acquisition and retention. 

Salesforce Migration Consulting

Let us ensure that the migration process is smooth so that your business processes continue uninterrupted.