The Importance of Managed Services

Should you partner with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like The Nuage Group? If you still rely on an in-house IT administrator to maintain your systems, it might be time to change course. When it comes to cloud solutions and data management, technology has come a long way. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that many IT departments aren’t equipped to maintain pace with innovative technologies. This leaves businesses to react to changes rather than anticipating them. Don’t leave your systems struggling to keep up with your demands when the solution is just a phone call away. 

Have you scoffed at the idea of outsourcing support to a Managed Service Provider? It’s time to reconsider. When it comes to cloud solutions, internal IT teams often get overwhelmed trying to solve operational issues. If they need to be your Salesforce administrator on top of that, the stress mounts, and data slips through the cracks. 

What is Managed Services? 

Before diving into the benefits of managed services, it’s important to understand the basics. The term refers to a practice where you outsource certain aspects of data management to a third-party organization like ours. With an MSP, you have access to Salesforce experts when and where you need them. 

Often operating in the background, our team of certified Salesforce administrators works to ensure your data is clean, organized, and accessible.

With managed IT services, you have someone performing key services like these: 

  • Infrastructure management 
  • Cloud storage 
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Systems administration 
  • Network monitoring and managing
  • Server maintenance 
  • Data backup and management 
  • Strategic projects

While these services sound like something only large corporations can afford, there are many small and medium-sized businesses that take advantage of them. Oftentimes, they require access to the latest technology but don’t have the staffing power they need to maintain it. An MSP enables these businesses to make their business processes more efficient and operate at the same level as middle-market or enterprise organizations. Moreover, they accomplish this without wearing down their staff. 

Keep Your Focus Where You Need It 

Your IT needs to grow alongside your business. You also need to focus on the big picture. While an in-house IT team can handle some of the increased workload, they are likely to burn out over time, becoming overwhelmed. A full-time staff can only scale so much before new hires are needed. This can force businesses to place IT tasks in the hands of those who are not IT professionals. 

When you utilize managed services, you free up your employees and allow them to focus on their core job duties. Additionally, a fractional support team like ours allows you to fill gaps as needed. As certified Salesforce experts, we offer a flexible model that allows our partners to determine the level of service they need. Whether you need to keep your data clean or outsource an entire department, our team is here to help. 

Managed Services Means Expertise You Need When You Need It 

New technology causes new problems for businesses, and existing IT teams don’t always have the broad spectrum of knowledge and experience required to solve them. On top of this, you need to ensure regular data management takes place so that your system is efficient and effective. It’s difficult for a limited in-house team to be your one-stop-shop for IT. 

While you can solve these issues by recruiting new team members, hiring and training employees often comes with astronomical costs. When you take advantage of a Managed Service Provider, you gain access to a vast pool of resources and a diverse skillset. 

Scalability in Both Directions 

The needs of a business change over time. Sometimes you need to scale your services up or down to accommodate these changes. MSPs have the ability to respond to changes in demand in real-time, reflexively. This means that you never have to worry about the system going down. 

When you hire an MSP, you need a team with a broad skill set and a large team of Salesforce consultants. At The Nuage Group, our team of Salesforce experts offers an array of services to meet a wide variety of needs. Moreover, we strive to anticipate your needs so that we can address issues in a timely manner. 

Why Choose Managed Services from The Nuage Group? 

As a proud Salesforce managed services provider, we have strategic skillsets and knowledge that prove quite beneficial to businesses. In addition to managed services, we offer several services that help your business establish essential processes. In doing so, we provide your teams with access to the data they need, working in the background to ensure it’s always clean and accessible. 

At The Nuage Group, we remain dedicated to helping businesses implement and sustain efficient business processes. When you need to embrace digital transformations by integrating Salesforce, our managed services model is just what you need. 

Let’s get started. 


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