What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud? Should I Use It? 

As your dedicated Salesforce experts, we are always here to help you understand Salesforce Sales Cloud and other platforms. When you partner with us, we strive to help you unlock the potential of your CRM to ensure that your team works efficiently and effectively. 

When it comes to CRM software, Salesforce Sales Cloud is the top-rated CRM in the world. Oftentimes, there’s some confusion around it, though. Is it different from Salesforce? 

Here’s how they break it down: 

Salesforce was the first company to take CRMs to the cloud. This allows companies access to their client information online from any device 24/7, regardless of location. The Sales Cloud platform is one aspect of that CRM system. To be specific, this platform was designed for salespeople. Today, many people refer to the Sales Cloud simply as Salesforce.

So, What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

To keep it brief, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a module of the cloud-based CRM platform Salesforce. It allows companies to maintain information about current and potential customers in one place. Under the Sales Cloud umbrella, there are four different editions for businesses to choose from. Typically, this is rooted in the size of your business and your particular needs. 

Although it is separate from other Salesforce modules, it can be used in tandem. 

  • Community Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud 
  • Marketing Cloud

Why Should I Use the Sales Cloud? 

If you run a company, sales are an important aspect of your business. A good way to frame the Sales Cloud is this: It’s a one-stop-shop for your entire team. Everyone is able to input and access data about clients and client interactions. 

Oftentimes, businesses (of any size) suffer from poor data management. Details about customers end up spread throughout a variety of documents and emails. It’s simply too messy and inconvenient to access efficiently, and it doesn’t provide your team with the insight they need. 

When you have one core data center for all your teams to reference, such as the Salesforce Sales Cloud, they are better able to put that data to use. With a cloud-based CRM, your team can log in from any device and reference up-to-the-minute data for any lead or customer. This allows your team to more accurately forecast quarters and generate data visualizations. 

Additionally, clean data allows your team to identify trends. Sales Cloud is also highly customizable, meaning you can tune it to your specific needs and communication styles. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits 

Available Anytime, Anywhere 

With the Sales Cloud, your data is stored in the cloud. This means your team has full access to the platform when and where they need it. Sales data is most effective when it’s updated, and the cloud helps you maintain cleaner data. 

Boost Your Productivity 

When you use Salesforce effectively, you automate certain business processes. This allows you to enhance your workflow in a customized way. For instance, sales managers can use the Sales Path tool to enhance the stages and steps that representatives follow as they maintain their records. 

This allows your sales team to save time on some of the paperwork while visualizing their next steps as they move leads through the process. For management, it helps to ensure records are filed properly. 

Grow and Scale 

Data is at the core of Salesforce Sales Cloud. It helps you rank leads and zero in on the best opportunities while also connecting them with the best-matched rep. This helps you maximize your odds as you grow your business over time. 

Salesforce Managed Services to Maximize Salesforce Sales Cloud Use 

When you look at all the benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud, it’s exciting to think about the growth of your business and all the opportunity ahead. Unfortunately, many business owners drop all of this hope when they are face to face with the platform. With all the integrations and customizations, it’s overwhelming to imagine taking the time to learn the platform and implement it – all while running your business. 

At The Nuage Group, we partner with businesses that want to unlock the potential of Salesforce. Managed Services are a great way to have the fractional support you need to implement and maintain the platform when you don’t have the IT capabilities at your company. 

If you want to centralize your data and automate your workflow, our team of Salesforce experts has the knowledge and skills to set you up for success. From Salesforce implementation and data management to Salesforce Managed Services, The Nuage Group is here to support you throughout your journey. 


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