Salesforce Sales Cloud: The Good and the Bad

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Salesforce Sales Cloud: As Good As It Claims?

One of the best ways to learn whether a product is as good as the community believes is to conduct an analysis of clients’ feedback. With decades of experience working with Salesforce and CRM systems, our Salesforce experts cover the main advantages and disadvantages of this platform. 

The Good of Sales Cloud

Customization and Personalization

While the base functionality of the Sales Cloud module is quite robust, it won’t meet the needs of every organization. Luckily, with the right integrations and implementation, it provides powerful customization options to adapt to your organization. Many CRMs offer configuration options, allowing you to add or remove objects, tabs, etc., without coding experience. 

However, through customization, the system adapts to your requirements. While this requires some coding know-how, it gives you the opportunity to establish business processes that suit your teams. Moreover, you can cover a broad range of changes – from custom email templates to enabling major data operations. 

User-Friendly Interface

Many of our partners love how intuitive and user-friendly the interface is when it comes to Salesforce Sales Cloud. While the module has a vast capability with numerous options for functionality, it remains easy to use and gives them a positive impression. This is because elements such as Activity Timeline or Sales Path give users helpful guidance. 

Moreover, when you work with our Salesforce integration consultants, our team strives to meet your employees’ needs while maintaining a user-friendly environment. We want them to have access to the tools they need and ensure the processes are as intuitive as possible. 

Integration Potential

When it comes to the Salesforce platform, one of its main benefits is the rich potential of integrations. You want to run your business processes efficiently. This means not having to switch between different tools or platforms. Our Salesforce experts help you integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with just about any software your business uses. 

From eCommerce platforms to accounting and ITSM, we strive to make the platform uniquely yours. One popular integration many clients love is the ability to connect the platform with content and document management systems. 

The Bad of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Customer Service Issues with Salesforce

Unfortunately, some companies have poor customer service experiences with Salesforce. Oftentimes, they need fast support because the longer issues continue, the more revenue they lose. 

When they need to contact Salesforce customer service agents, they often feel it’s impossible. Moreover, questions often go unanswered in the self-service Trailblazer Community. Luckily, our customers have access to support when and where they need it with our Salesforce Managed Services. 

When you utilize our fractional support, our team of Salesforce administrators works to ensure your platform runs smoothly. Additionally, we work proactively to address issues before our customers ever notice them. 

Learning Curve

Without comprehensive learning materials, users may find it difficult to grasp the full functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud. This learning curve keeps them from unlocking the potential of the platform and seeing the true benefits of their investment. 

While some learn the mandatory functions, they often miss out on the features that make their jobs easier. That’s why our Salesforce implementation consultants strive to provide detailed guidelines for our partners in addition to comprehensive user training. 

We never leave our clients in the lurch, expecting them to know how to use all the integrations and tools in front of them. Part of our job as Salesforce consultants is to make sure your business processes are smooth, efficient, and effective. 

The Expense

Salesforce Sales Cloud knows its worth. Like all Salesforce products, it is fairly costly. Before you commit to the module, it’s important to ensure it’s the right solution for you. Moreover, you need to commit to maximizing use to unlock its potential. For your business to see an improved ROI on this platform, it requires continued maintenance.

Still, many customers note that when they use Salesforce properly, it quickly pays for itself. In some cases, this is achieved through improved productivity. For others, Sales teams have automated processes that help them turn leads into customers.

No matter your need, our Salesforce experts can help ensure you see a strong ROI on your investment into this CRM platform. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Without the Drawbacks

Salesforce Sales Cloud has its share of shortcomings. Everything does after all. Still, there are many opportunities to neutralize them when you fully commit to the platform’s functionality. It’s all about making the module work for you and your teams. That’s why it remains so highly ranked even though so many alternative CRMs exist. 

When you work with our Salesforce implementation consultants, we implement solutions with your business in mind. This means we work to improve the efficiency and productivity of your teams, all with cost-effectiveness in mind. 

Moreover, we provide high-quality Salesforce Managed Services to provide continuous maintenance and support. Through this, we tamp down the learning curve and make sure we’re there when you need us. 

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