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When you use Salesforce for project management, you’ll find that the platform holds great potential for improving your teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. With proper utilization, you have the ability to unlock the potential of this customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Oftentimes, people don’t realize how much Salesforce can do in its modern iteration. Today, this CRM is so much more than a digital rolodex. It offers an excellent opportunity to bring in project management tools and applications you need for your business to thrive.

When you aren’t sure how to unlock the potential of your CRM, call on the Salesforce experts at The Nuage Group. Whether you need fractional support through our managed services or in-depth guidance from our Salesforce consultants, our team is ready to help you become more effective and more efficient.

Automate Customer Onboarding

With the right Salesforce app, you can nurture your customer journeys from discovery to conversion. Moreover, these apps are also helpful with customer onboarding. When you find ways to use Salesforce for project management, you smooth out the process and take the weight off your team’s shoulders.

In an automated process, behavior-based triggers send messages to prospective customers and clients that nudge them toward a conversion. This approach likewise works when you need to onboard new customers.  The first few days are critical for a new customer because they begin to form their own impressions and evaluate how they are treated.

When you want to provide a better customer experience, they should feel value from their purchase as soon as you’re able to deliver it.

Our team of Salesforce experts can help you establish an onboarding campaign that provides helpful tips and notifications about how they can get the most out of your service. With a broad set of triggers, you can showcase the strengths of your offering based on how they interact with you or your product. Automating onboarding is just one incredible aspect of using Salesforce for project management.

Task Notifications

As with other CRMs, the Salesforce platform supports simple task lists. These lists are helpful for keeping track of what people need to do. However, they are not a replacement for the task management features of this project management software.

With Salesforce Lightning, you have the option to set reminders and notifications for to-do list items. This helps to keep everyone on track with what they need to do and is a simple way to use Salesforce for project management.

Real-time Collaboration

Within Salesforce, you may have noticed Chatter, it’s social media-style app. Unlike most social media platforms, this one is actually meant to boost productivity. Chatter users can create new posts for teams to organize around projects. Similar to cards in Trello, they define tasks and projects, providing a space for teams to discuss and share relevant files.

Moreover, our team can establish groups within Chatter based on teams and departments to ensure that people on see relevant posts. Used correctly, it is an excellent project management tool, and our team has the skills required to help you utilize it effectively.

We Can Help You Use Salesforce for Project Management

In the right hands, Salesforce is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, many companies adopt the platform only to feel overwhelmed by the implementation process. At The Nuage Group, we specialize in helping companies establish better business processes through our team’s diverse set of skills. With our Salesforce experts, we can help you use Salesforce for project management, sales, marketing, and more.

You never need to feel overwhelmed when you bring us in for Salesforce managed services because we provide the support you need when and where you need it. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us show you how we can unlock the potential of the Salesforce platform for your business.


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