Salesforce Managed Services: Why to Use Them in 2021

Salesforce Managed Services is a great way for any business to overhaul its efficiency. Learn more about why your company should utilize our fractional administrative support in the post below

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic upended almost every facet of our lives. While we are hopeful for a return to normalcy, many are operating with the mentality that this is our new reality. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the need for businesses to run efficiently and effectively. 

With the right data management strategy, businesses have an opportunity to continue to grow despite the hurdles thrown at everyone. Moreover, as teams continue to operate remotely, having access to the data they need wherever they need it is more important than ever. At The Nuage Group, our Salesforce consultants make this a reality for your business. 

Why Business Owners Need Salesforce Managed Services 

Small business owners and medium-sized business owners alike can benefit from Salesforce managed services in order to improve productivity as their teams work remotely. When you work with our team of Salesforce experts, you gain access to a diverse set of skills that cover your potential needs. 

For many SMB owners, the main challenge they face is leveraging their technology to achieve the ROI that they need to justify the expense. However, working with a CRM platform such as Salesforce requires a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge. To unlock the potential and take your business to the next level, you’d have to hire a team of specialists, right? 

Not necessarily! When you work with our Salesforce Managed Services team, we provide the support you need when and where you need it. This covers integrations that help your team automate their workflows and business processes as well as regular maintenance to ensure the platform is optimized at all times. 

Newer Technology and Innovation 

Oftentimes, the businesses that we partner with have an IT staff who are simply overwhelmed and over-burdened. Moreover, they may lack the training or skills required for certain aspects of Salesforce. Expecting one person or a small team to handle the entire company’s network and Salesforce platform is a great burden. 

With our Salesforce administrators, we help to ease the burden on your existing IT professionals. By providing your team with access to our experts’ skills and knowledge, we make their job easier. This allows them to delegate tasks to our team so that they can focus on the bigger picture and other needs of your company.

When you invest in Salesforce managed services, we help you tackle labor constraints and keep your internal team from having to play catch up. By working with The Nuage Group, you leverage tools and expertise to increase the reliability and functionality of your platform. This allows you to better plan for your long-term goals and scale your business.

Improved ROI 

One of the main values of Salesforce managed services is the cost-effective nature of our fractional administrative support. Oftentimes, IT budgets focus on items, from software and infrastructure to hardware. However, labor cost is also significant for these departments because they require specialized workers. 

When a business wants to reduce the size of its IT department or simply lacks a dedicated Salesforce administrator, bringing in a fractional support team avoids slowing productivity and prevented growth. With managed services, you have a simple basis for predictable costs. ROI breaks down more cleanly because it frees up your staff’s time while also making their jobs easier. 

Enhanced Security 

For many small businesses, security is a growing concern. Recently, the Ponemon Institute published a study in which 66% of small and medium businesses across the globe reported a cyberattack within the year prior. Compromised business emails and ransomware attacks were the leading cause. This makes for an alarming figure that has the potential to grow.

With Salesforce managed services, businesses have an opportunity to reinforce the protection of their data in a secure platform. For any business in need of data security, Salesforce utilizes a broad spectrum of methods to ensure the security of your data. 

Gain Peace of Mind 

Peace of mind is an essential benefit for Salesforce managed services. When you partner with our team, you gain the confidence of knowing that we are doing more than merely cleaning up data. We seek out issues and challenges and work proactively to address them. With our team of Salesforce administrators, you have regular maintenance that does more than maintain the status quo. 

While many businesses worry over the reliability of their CRM platform, we offer you support when and where you need it to ensure that your data environment is regularly improving. With fully managed Salesforce support, we troubleshoot and address issues before they impact your business. 

Gain the peace of mind you need to run your business. Book a call with our Salesforce managed services team and see what we can do for you. 


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