Salesforce Managed Services Explained: What Is a Managed Service? 

With a  Salesforce Managed Service Provider (MSP), your job is a whole lot easier. From executives to IT professionals, everyone has a limit to their skill set. When you effectively execute the team from a Managed Service Provider , you gain the capability a full IT department. With the expertise of seasoned Salesforce professionals at your fingertips, you develop honed operations and effective campaigns. 

Managed Service Providershandle the day-to-day operations of specialized applications. This provides your company with the ability to appease end-users while allowing the IT department to focus on more strategic programs. Moreover, it allows your team to focus on the core competencies of your business. 

How Do I Know When I Need a Managed Service Provider? 

Typically, an IT administrator or team notices a decline in the broadness of their skill set. In turn, this reduces the quality of the service they provide. Here are a few common situations that a Managed Service Provider helps to cure. 

  • A lack of dedicated Salesforce administration meant we didn’t achieve everything we wanted this year. 
  • We had far too much downtime due to service outages. 
  • Tweaks to Salesforce cost too much time while eroding its performance. 
  • Our lack of expertise in the Salesforce platform caused a major loss of data. 
  • A significant error interrupted a vital business process.

Small and large companies often address challenges like these with the help of Salesforce Managed Services or other forms of fractional support. Our clients utilize us as a Managed Service Provider in numerous ways to improve the satisfaction of their users as well as their general IT support. 

When you sense these dynamics at play in your company, Managed Services might be the best way for you to reorganize your business or even to empower your current IT professionals. 

Assessing the Need for Salesforce a Managed Service Provider 

These days, your average IT administrators face significant pressure. They have to meet performance and operational expectations as well as the security needs of the entire business, all while trying to keep the cost low. Oftentimes, financial consultants point to the more predictable cost models that come with a managed service provider. 

When it’s time to set your strategic business goals for the future or to deploy a new service, that’s the perfect moment to speak with an MSP. Companies often find that a new technology is outside the skillset of their current team. Other times, their IT team is hardly able to keep up with their current services, much less a new service or application. 

With Salesforce managed services, our team provides the fractional support you need to maintain a healthy IT environment. While contractors are much more expensive and still maintain a limited skill set, our vast team of experts provides what you need to meet ever-growing performance goals. 

Who Benefits from Managed Services? 

Companies of all sizes benefit from working with an MSP. Because MSPs evolve and adapt, they are able to deliver on an array of projects, no matter the size. Fractional support from an MSP is a terrific model for businesses in the following situations. 

  • The business relies on its IT infrastructure in order to support day-to-day operations. 
  • They lack trained staff or the time to deal with regular maintenance, fixes, and updates. 
  • A flat, monthly fee makes more sense for the type of support they need than a full salary and benefits for an administrator. 

For many businesses, IT is the support structure that allows them to drive. However, it’s not always the core focus of the business itself. From hardware and software to the skill set needed to keep everything running smoothly, companies might throw a significant amount of capital at an in-house support staff. 

Although, with the maturity of modern managed services and the overall shift to cloud support, on-site IT administrators are not always necessary. A Managed Service Provider might offer better cost predictability as well as improved cost-effectiveness.

Salesforce Support When You Need It 

Based on the specific services you require or the number of hours you truly need, Salesforce support through an MSP might better align with your budget. Typically, basic services begin with monitoring to ensure potential issues are fixed before they become a problem. On the other hand, more comprehensive managed services cover everything under the scope you set. 

As official Salesforce partners, the team at The Nuage Group is built around certified Salesforce expertise. From Salesforce implementation to addressing your business challenges, we strive to provide the support you need when and where you need it.

Talk to one of our Managed Services experts today if this sounds like the type of fractional support you need. Our Salesforce consultants utilize proven methodologies that allow you to optimize your costs while reducing risks. Book a call today


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