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Salesforce Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud vs service cloud… What’s the difference? When you sign up for Salesforce, the provide these two module options. Service Cloud allows for more focus on service and cases, helping companies sell a product or service. On the other hand, the sales cloud is helpful when your company needs to focus specifically on leads, opportunities, and sales.
As you consider Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud, you’ll find a lot of overlap between these modules. For example, they both present opportunities and cases. Below, we’ll go over the advantages of each platform for different roles and organizations in order to highlight the key differences.
Remember, though, there is a lot to learn about these two modules. Whether you need help implementing or managing them, feel free to reach out to The Nuage Group. Our Salesforce consultants and Salesforce Managed Services are here to help your business unlock the potential of this unique platform.

Sales Cloud: What’s included?

The Sales Cloud is the sales-focused module of Salesforce. It includes a broad spectrum of tools and capabilities, including the following.

• Accounts with contact information
• Leads and opportunities
• Reports and customizable dashboards
• Campaigns
• Tasks, checklists, and activities
• Products, quotes, and assets
• Calendars and event mapping
• Sales forecasts
• Territory management
• Chatter – the social platform of Salesforce
• Custom apps and integrations
• Self-service portal
• Public knowledge
• Visualized workflow
• Add-on: Service cloud portal
• Add-on Knowledge base

The Benefits of Sales Cloud

The benefits of the Sales Cloud module are many and great. They allow you to establish the platform as a single source of information in order to strengthen customer relationships and establish more leads and opportunities.
Additionally, Sales Cloud helps you build lasting, loyal customer relationships. From Sales and Marketing to Customer Service and Finance, you can connect all of your teams in order to guide prospects through a more personalized customer experience.
It also helps you empower your sales representative to work smarter and become more productive through more efficient business processes. Boost the impact of your team with honed insights and forecasts. With the data they need at their fingertips, they won’t need to be a Salesforce expert to become a better salesperson.
Grow, adapt, and expand your reach through a stronger sales strategy. Your sales team will become far more agile as they respond to new markets or industries, or even a new neighborhood in your area. With the right data, you can map out and plan territories, see how teams perform, track their execution, and more.
When sales is your focus, Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud is not too hard of a decision. However, companies often feel overwhelmed adapting to a new platform. That’s when you call in the Salesforce experts at The Nuage Group. Our team of Salesforce consultants can help you through the implementation process and set you up for success.

Service Cloud: What’s Included?

When you need more than a boost to your sales operation, the Service Cloud includes everything from its counterpart but adds several more features.
• Service entitlements
• Visual timelines
• Service cloud console
• Web-to-case
• Service level agreements
• Omnichannel routing
• Add-on: Live messaging
• Add-on: Live agents

Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud: What Do I Need to Know?

Something that’s important to remember regardless of the Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud decision is that each of these Add-ons requires additional licensing. They help to build out a more comprehensive system for your teams. In turn, you put services in front of your target market, streamline your business operations, and better serve your clientele.
The Service Cloud module is built upon the Salesforce Customer Success platform. As such, it provides with a holistic view of your customers, enabling you to deliver more personalized services more efficiently and effectively.
When you use Service Cloud, you are able to automate the service processes and streamline your team’s workflow.

What Are the Benefits of Service Cloud?

Just like Sales Cloud, the benefits of the Service Cloud are many. With an expansive list of features, your business gains numerous advantages over the competition. Service Cloud helps your team success with agent workspaces and service automation as well as advanced case management.
With omnichannel routing, you can match service cases to agents with the skill set needed to resolve your customers’ issues. This helps smooth out their experience and avoids having people transferred again and again.
When you have a 360-degree view of every customer, you gain a better understanding of their needs and wants. With Service Cloud, you accomplish this by connecting data across departments and maintaining strong data management practices.
Moreover, your agents have an array of productivity tools at their fingertips, ranging from macros and shortcuts to ready-to-use templates. Among these, they gain access to recommended actions that guide agents through processes with adaptive screens.

Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud: What’s Right For You?

When you need to know how to unlock the potential of Salesforce your business, you need diverse skill sets and expert knowledge. At The Nuage Group, our Salesforce experts know how to implement this CRM platform in a way that boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams across the board.
Whether you need fractional support from our Salesforce administrators or a detailed implementation plan, our team is here to help you take your business to the next level. Our Salesforce consultants know how to identify and define challenges in your industry in order to help you establish comprehensive goals. Through this process, we work to address the needs of your teams throughout your organization.
With the right plan in place, we improve the efficiency of your sales and customer service agents while providing clean data to boost the efforts of your marketing department. Salesforce is often an overwhelming tool for people to utilize. However, as your partner, we make the process more digestible and accessible.
If you’re still weighing options with Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud, let our team guide you. Contact our Salesforce experts today for a consultation!


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