How Salesforce Can Help A Business Grow

If you’re wondering how Salesforce can help a business grow, you’re likely taking a closer look at customer relationships. For any business, customer relationships are essential for growth. That means you need to manage them both efficiently and effectively. With the right customer relationship management (CRM) platform, you can stay connected to clients, improve business processes, and grow your company faster than ever.

Finding the Right Customers

You’ve put money and manpower into generating new leads, but then what? Do these leads make it to your sales team? If so, do your sales rep know which opportunities to pursue sooner? 

With leads, time is of the essence. This is especially true for small businesses that are growing fast. 

It’s important that you make the most of all the marketing tools available. To do so, connect them all to a CRM platform. With this broader view, your sales and marketing teams have a comprehensive perspective of your leads and prospects. In turn, they can craft engaging, targeted communications that convert prospects into customers. 

Develop Sustainable Relationships 

When you want to know how Salesforce can help a business grow, it’s important to understand the power of organized data. With the right data management processes in place, you begin to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and clients. This helps you build a stronger relationship founded on mutual success. 

With the right CRM (and some help from Salesforce Managed Services), you are able to improve your processes.

Identify Customers’ Challenges 

Learn what truly matters to your customers, from their goals and challenges to their preferences for operations. Establish follow-up actions and record notes in the CRM so that you can pick up right where you left off. With all the data in one place, different reps have access to this information, ensuring they are never in the dark. 

More Relevant Engagement 

Once you understand your customer’s challenges and goals, you have better insight into the products, services, promotions, and resources that are relevant to their interests. When you discover how Salesforce can help a business, you’ll understand what your customers have purchased and how they utilize your services. This allows you to provide them with relevant information in real-time. 

Scale Your Relationships 

As a small business, customers love the personal experience you provide. Over time, this becomes more challenging, though. As you gain more customers, it’s hard to remember the details of every individual and know when to follow up. Through a CRM platform, you can utilize task reminders, phone calls, and email templates to help automate your connection with customers. 

Reduce Sales Costs 

New customers are essential for continued growth. However, fostering these relationships is never easy or cheap. The good news is that part of how Salesforce can help a business is in offsetting costs. Through sales to your existing customer base, you can offset the cost of acquisition for new customers. 

With Salesforce, you can gain better visibility into opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, and renewals. Once you identify these opportunities and build rapport with your customers, you can pursue repeatable sales. 

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs 

With a CRM system, you have the opportunity to improve business performance in numerous ways.

  • Efficiency improves when you prioritize your opportunities that are more likely to convert. 
  • Boost the effectiveness of your sales team when they know who to engage when. 
  • Increase your cross-sell and upsell opportunities when you can see what services are a good fit for deals in progress. 
  • Tap into referrals with untapped opportunities through existing relationships. 

Boost Productivity 

When you adopt the right technology, you really see how Salesforce can help a business. It frees up your team by automating process-heavy tasks. Therefore, they have more time to connect with customers and leads. 

Hunting down contact information or entering data are tasks you can automate or eliminate from business processes. With automation across your teams, you allow them to spend more time working on productive tasks like pursuing leads or strengthening relationships. 

Enhanced Customer Service 

The best product is only as good as the service you provide. This is true before and after sales. It’s important that you don’t annoy your customers with multiple marketing promotions. If you drop the ball time and time again, it wastes time and energy. 

When your entire team has access to a customer’s complete history, they are better able to provide personalized service. With the right messaging and resources, they have smoother interactions. Over time, these enhanced interactions build trust and repeat business. 

Customer Retention 

Customer retention is vital for any business. With more visibility across relationships, your teams are better able to be proactive when accounts seem at-risk. Moreover, they can present already satisfied customers with a new opportunity at just the right moment. 

Increased transparency for campaigns, cases, and histories allows you to provide more satisfying experiences through purchases and services. This keeps customers coming back for more. 

Investing your time wisely upfront pays dividends year over year. 

How Salesforce Can Help a Business with Salesforce Managed Services

Now that you know how Salesforce can help a business, starting out might feel a bit overwhelming. When data management or CRM implementation seems like a major hurdle, our Salesforce consultants are here to ease the burden. With Salesforce Managed Services, you have access to the skills and services you need when and where you need them. 

Book a call to see how our Salesforce experts can improve your business processes. 


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