CRM Benefits: Customer Relations & Retention 

Finding new customers is never easy. However, once you find them, a CRM benefits your business in a number of ways. Establishing and growing your relationship with your audience is a challenge that a well-managed CRM can do wonders to address. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and this platform is incredibly important for the growth of your business. With customers, your business simply doesn’t exist, and your database is paramount to your success. 

Your relationship with your customers is the key to bridging your offerings to their needs. When many businesses consider adopting a CRM like Salesforce, one of their chief concerns is improving their relationship with their audience. They want quality, consistency, and loyalty developed across these relationships. When they accomplish this, they are able to improve their core business processes. 

Per research from Software Advance, contact management is the number one feature requested by 88% of CRM users. However, when you truly unlock the potential of a CRM, benefits begin to pop up throughout your company.

Improving Relationships Means Increased Satisfaction 

As your business begins to grow and expand, the same is likely true of your customer base. Over time, this growth becomes increasingly difficult to centralize, maintain, and streamline. Important notes are lost in a vortex of endless emails, scattered throughout spreadsheets, or worse – lost on a Post-it note that falls behind someone’s desk. 

Ultimately, this leads to patchy, inconsistent interactions with your clients, which means you start to lose money. However, there’s no cause for alarm just yet. 

Another report from Software Advice shows that 74% of companies that adopt a CRM benefit from “improved access to customer data.” Additionally, a study by Capterra shows that 47% of those who use a CRM benefit from improved customer retention and satisfaction. 

Core CRM Benefits You Might See 

When you aren’t satisfied with your customer satisfaction levels, it might be time to implement a CRM like Salesforce. Here are just a few of the core CRM benefits available. 

Better Customer Information 

This sounds simple, but access to customer information greatly benefits your employees across the board. Customer profiles are like a cheatsheet that gives them the ability to make that customer’s experience more personal. This provides a great advantage to many departments, including marketing, sales, and customer service teams. 

Aside from contact information, they might have their relationship with other contacts, preferred languages, birthdays, and their position at their company. Together, it makes personalizing their experience quite simple. 

Audience Segmentation 

Doing business with a faceless crowd is difficult and impersonal. While the perfect audience doesn’t exist, you can come closer to the experience when you segment contacts. Basic CRM benefits include the ability to segment your customers into different target audiences. 

Break down your data into accessible criteria and categories so that you can focus your lists. Your sales and marketing teams will love you for it because their campaigns see better results the more they personalize them. 

Customer Retention 

In addition to being a great way to nurture new customers, a CRM benefits your company by helping you keep your current clientele. From helping you keep your promises to scheduling follow-up sessions, a good CRM streamlines and organizes your business operation. 

In order to maintain the interest of your customers, you can orchestrate personalized marketing activities such as free trials, surveys, and email campaigns that reach out to your base when they need a reminder that you’re there for them. 

Implementing a CRM with an MSP 

Customers are more than a sales opportunity, and they need to be treated well. A CRM benefits companies in a variety of ways, but it can be difficult to implement and maintain. That’s where an MSP like The Nuage Group comes in. As Salesforce experts, our team understands how to unlock the potential of a CRM throughout your business. 

As certified Salesforce consultants, we can help you define the best strategy for the implementation of a CRM. Moreover, with our managed services, you never have to worry about backend maintenance or updates. Our team steps in when you need us and where you need us. 

If you’re interested in implementing a CRM that benefits your business, contact us today for a quote. 


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