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How has the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected your Salesforce operations? Have you been able to figure out how to do more with less, and still support and provide the necessary level of service to your Sales, Service, and Marketing teams? Many companies are working to determine the best way to move forward to manage the Salesforce support and project teams while keeping the end-users inclined to continue to use the platform, at a lower cost point than ever before. Additionally, balancing the license costs, user adoption, seasonal Salesforce releases, driving ROI, and innovation while also occasionally having the Salesforce employees or contract staff turnover will always be on the forefront for any manager responsible for the Salesforce platform, but with COVID-19 these factors continue to have increased scrutiny. If significant cost-cutting factors are coming into play, are you having to trim some of the Salesforce staff? Whether that’s internal employees, external contractors, or Salesforce System Integrators due to reduced budgets?  If so, what work then gets prioritized?  Is it the must-haves on the enhancement wish list, is it the project that the Stakeholders mandated before the pandemic as it was mission-critical, or possibly it was a new group of users that were just introduced to the platform?  Whatever the case might be, how are you working through “just keeping the Salesforce lights on” and determining if the costs associated with this task can be justified?


COVID-19: Getting the Most Out of Your Salesforce Platform

While using your internal staff, as they understand the business operations, has a rapport established with the stakeholders, and is someone the organization needs to have as the primary point of contact. Would it make sense financially to then have a managed support team to handle the support tickets that come in, do the simple administrative functions, train new users and start chipping away at the lower priority wish list items that are still necessary? Maybe even having one support group that not only has administrative capabilities, but also development and integration chops, business analysis skills, along with project management and an executive presence that you can use as a monthly retainer to continue to drive the value that you desire out of your Salesforce platform. While this COVID-19 situation has taken a toll on us all, most have had to strategically determine how to do more with less, therefore, could using a Managed Support Provider such as The Nuage Group be the answer in moving forward?


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