How do you Improve Production & Safety in the Oil Field?

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The Nuage Group product team worked in partnership with DLS, an experienced oil field services firm, to design a solution that connects Drilling & Well Site Managers in the field with their business unit engineers, vendor partners, and other team members to plan, manage, and communicate about drilling and well completion projects in real time, leveraging Salesforce technology and the Salesforce1 mobile platform.

Designed for Safety & Success

Non-productive time (NPT) and cost overruns can dramatically impact your profits and production capacity when things do not run smoothly. Nuage Group & DLS set out to change the way that Drilling and Well Site Managers, Business Unit Engineers, and vendors collaborate on drilling and well completion projects. We observed the complex work world they all navigate every day; demanding schedule, complex procedures, coordinated communication amongmultiple partners, vendors and company men, and above all, safety must be skillfully balanced in order to operate successfully.

Using our goal directed design process, the Nuage Group team created a prototype experience to illustrate how a set of digital tools could help all members of the drilling & well completion project team successfully meet their goals, while giving everyone better organized, more collaborative, and more transparent views into their work together.


Designed to Maximize Oil & Gas Production


  1. Project Focus

    View all current and upcoming steps in the project, with alerts and notifications to help you keep everything on track.
  2. Procedural Assistance

    All procedure details are provided, along with quick links and calculators to help you work efficiently.
  3. Document Everything

    All work completed is automatically documented. Easily add notes, pictures or video, and share anything with other members of the team.
  4. Safety First

    Alert cards can be instantly sent to make everyone aware of changing conditions or as reminders of proper safety procedures.
  5. Stay Informed

    Receive real-time notifications from partners or team members about changes to the plan or to orders with partners.
  6. Minimize Non-Productive Time

    Keep track of progress and receive feedback about important project metrics.

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