Who are we?

Nuage Group is a business & IT consulting group headquartered in Houston, TX. Our innovative managed services program pairs highly experienced, dedicated consultants with a predictable retainer model to deliver innovative solutions, drive business efficiency and automation in addition to functional and technical support to maximize your Salesforce investment.

What are Managed Services?

Our Managed Services offering is perfect for any business that has implemented Salesforce and requires administration and development support on a day to day basis. Led by dedicated, highly experienced consultants that help improve and streamline your business operations, as well as provide functional and technical support of your Salesforce investment through a predictable retainer program.

Why use managed services?

It is not always cost-effective to hire full-time Salesforce administrators for several reasons:

– The salary expectations of experienced, certified salesforce administrators is significantly higher than most comparable IT positions

– In most cases, the volume of support work does not justify a full time administrator

– A single administrator will have a limited skill set, which may necessitate using consultants or other costly resources

We make Salesforce work for you 

We overcome these obstacles by:

– Providing a pool of experts that are certified and experienced in all aspects of Salesforce

– Giving you 24/7 support! You never have to worry about staffing and managing ‘on-call’ schedules

– Handling all of your production support issues and service requests as needed, so that you only pay for what you use

– Monitoring your system and handling all of the housekeeping needs, such as Salesforce upgrades, license management, storage, etc.

– Allotting a block of monthly hours to be used for any type of support or service request

Client Testimonials

See what our past clients have to say about us.

Staffing Client

The project team was very helpful in taking our business requirements and translating them into what we needed to do in Salesforce to make the project successful. They also made recommendations we had not thought of to make sure we had good adoption of the solution. The testing and training plan that the Nuage team managed also helped the Sales team with being prepared once we rolled out the new features. So far the feedback on the enhancements was very positive and we have seen a lot more sales activity within Salesforce since the deployment.

Staffing Client

Nuage Group took the time to understand our business and strategic objectives in order to help build a solution that was key to managing our operations and customer service delivery. The Salesforce solution was so impactful that it became a key part of our sales cycle to highlight our operational and technology capabilities to our prospective customers. We have to compete with organizations that have significantly more capital and resources and we were able to demonstrate better systems and reporting capabilities through what we developed with Nuage Group on the Salesforce platform. Nuage Group’s business experience and creativity in leveraging the Salesforce platform helped us win new deals and accelerate the growth of our business